Tinder Goes Ultra-Premium, Amazon Invests in AI, and Apple AirPods Bug Out

Tinder Goes Ultra-Premium, Amazon Invests in AI, and Apple AirPods Bug Out

Tinder on Fire, Anthropic Gets Bigger, And Apple Talks Airpods

Key Points:

– Tinder is going ultra-premium, because apparently, swiping right wasn’t satisfying enough. They’re launching a new feature for select cities that will allow users to, literally, put their dating life on steroids.

– Amazon is shelling out a pretty penny for AI outfit Anthropic. Because, naturally, when you’ve conquered global retail, the next logical step is artificial intelligence.

– Apple dishes the dishy details on its latest AirPods incarnation. They’re doing their best to convince us that the bugs are all part of the charm.

Hot Takes:

So, let’s begin the fun, shall we? Tinder seems to finally realize that they’re not just any dating app, and they’re moving towards the ‘oh-so-fancy’ price tags now. Get ready folks, premium swiping is officially a thing.

Complicating matters, Amazon is pumping cash into Anthropic, but honestly aren’t we all just waiting for the day when Alexa turns around and answers, “I think you’ve had enough Amazon Prime today, Karen.” Yeah, more AI on Amazon is exactly what we need, right? One day, we might just have drone deliveries practicing social distancing.

And oh, Apple. Your new AirPods – it’s like you want us to make fun of you. But you know what? It’s clever. Call the bugs features, and we’ll all gladly fork over cash to be part of the latest trend. I’m sure the next model will include a feature that makes them evaporate if you dare to question the price.

That’s it for today’s serving of tech-zesty stories – appetizing, intriguing and, for the most part, a real sign of the times. Let’s see what tomorrow brings! After all, the only constant in the tech world is that there are hardly any constants.